Hills Like White Elephants

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In Earnest Hemingway's short story, Hills Like White Elephants, I beleive that the hills possess great symbolic significance. The hills are white like the purity and innocence of the girl. They also represent the baby that she is carrying. The hills also remind me of the American and the girl;s converstaion.

The hills represent the girl's purity in this story. They are white like the elephants and pure. It is obvious to me that she is very young. I can tell this by the way she orders her drink. She asks, Is it good with water?(Hemingway,23)" This tells me that she can't be very old. She hasn't been out in the adult world enough to become an experienced drinker. She isn;t really old enough to know what is going on and is still in a state of being pure.

The hills stand for the girl's innocence. I think that she is innocent fromthe way that she acts.

She keeps wanting reassurance from the American that everythign will be okay. I think that she is at the age of teen puppy love. She wants the American to love her. The girl is at an age of innocence when she really isn;t aware of all the consequences of her actions. She;s scared and worried about what is going to happen during and after theis operaiton. This tells me that she is not old enough to know anything about the operation