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The His'Er Communication Problem

Men and Women have very different ways of communicating with the opposite

sex. I find myself at the bar Friday night, where my girlfriend works, waiting for her to

get off. I still have quite a few more months to go before I reach the legal drinking age, so

I am pitifully just sitting there making conversation with some drunk people around me. I

had nothing else better to do for the next two hours so I start to observe how men and

women interacted with one another.

It is midnight, and the crowd is really starting to pick up. Every table is full and

there are just as many people standing up as there are dancing. A group of five beautiful

girls walk past me and take a seat. The smell of perfume overwhelms me like I was in the

fragrance department at Dillards.

These girls are all wearing rather revealing clothes. The

outgoing one of the bunch has long blonde hair and is wearing short white jean shorts and

a black tank top. She walks up to the bartender to get the drinks for the girls. I look

around and notice all the men staring at her as she walks by. A couple of these men even

say a few gestures to her but it doesn't even grab her attention. She is approached by a

customer behind her in line who obviously did not get in line just for the sole purpose of

ordering a drink. He is a very lanky man. He is visibly intoxicated; however attempts to

act sober. He is still wearing his black collared shirt and black starched pants from work.

She replies with a few words and a fake smile and walks off with three large drinks back...