History of Comiskey Park

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The History Of Comiskey ParkThere have been a lot of different stadiums in Major League Baseball history. At the beginning of baseball it was common for a stadium to be used by many teams and for many different sporting events. One of the first baseball teams to build a stadium that was there own and was to be used for mostly baseball was the Chicago White Sox. The White Sox had been playing at what was known as South Side Park. This was a nice stadium but was very old and was used for many sports. It was constructed of wood and was falling apart, The White Sox Owner at the time, Charles Comiskey, Decided to build a new stadium. One that was modern and was constructed of concrete and steel. Ground for this new stadium was broken on February 10th 1910. It was finished in time to play they're first game of the season on July 1, 1910.

("Comiskey Park"). Thus beginning the life of one of the longest standing stadiums in history.

Comiskey Park was soon adopted by fans everywhere as the "Baseball Palace of the World." It was the biggest Baseball stadium in the United States for a while, seating 29,000 fans.

Comiskey Park was home to a few monumental dates in All- Star game history. It hosted the very first All Star game in Major League Baseball history. Then in 1953 it hosted the fiftieth anniversary of the All Star game.("Comiskey Park")Comiskey Park not only held numerous amounts of baseball games but on a few occasions it held different sporting events. For example it was one home to two heavyweight boxing matches. It also hosted some cricket. And in 1947 the Chicago Cardinals beat the Philadelphia Eagles in the Football Championship game at Comiskey Park. Not...