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Hitler Coming to PowerHitler came to power in on January 30, 1933. This was the start of one of the worst tragedies to hit the world ever. Hitler was an evil man who was only out for himself. He would murder innocent people not of the Arian race just to avenge his mothers death and stay in. He would do anything to get in power including terror, blackmail and many empty promises.

Propaganda was used heavily to gain Hitler power. Without propaganda Hitler never would of came into power. The propaganda consisted of many different pictures ranging from anything to everything. If you were to walk down the streets of Germany you would see propaganda every where. Hitler was a great public speaker he was able to show his point of view very well and be convincing of his topic. He gave many public speeches throughout his clime to becoming a dictator.

His speeches were said to be very powerful and moving to the listeners. Along with propaganda and his public speeches he used other tactics like blackmail.

Hitler was not a man of his words he said many empty promises throughout his days. He would say one thing and do another just to keep one step a head of his enemies. Many of the alliances made were broken or just made so they could doublecross each other. Terror and black mail were used greatly in his rise to power. He would send out many of his Nazi thugs to murder his enemies and create havoc throughout many cities. Many people were forced to defy their opinions from blackmail. Hitler forced many people into joining his said because of fear for their life or families and blackmail.

Hitler tricked the Reichstag into voting for the Enabling act which in turn dissolved the Reichstag. This made Hitler a dictator finally his dream had become a reality. Hitler never should have become a dictator or even a chancellor. He never got more than 37% of the people's vote and never was voted in. Hitler's opponents brought him into power because they thought they could control him. They were really wrong and soon after he had used his wits to become the sole ruler. That was just one of the fatal errors his enemies made.

Hitler came into power only because he was as sly and cunning as a fox. He knew when he could attack and how to do so. He realized the flaws in Germanys Constitution. He knew what he wanted and he went after it. He never should of came to power but he did and was stopped too late. He used everything he had to come to power and everything kept growing the stronger he got. Everything he had was shattered when the world teamed up against his plans.