How hitler planned to come into power.

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This essay explains how Hitler planned to come to power and the other main issues of the time which

meant that his plans stood a great chance of success. It is important to look at Hitlers plans in the

context of the key issues of the time since under similar circumstances such extreme governments could

be formed again. It is also worth noting the difference between pre-prison and post-prison approaches

adopted by Hitler.

Since the inception of the Nazi party as the German Workers Party, in Bavaria in 1919 (formed by

Anton Drexler), Hitler had played a leading role, In 1920, Hitler and Drexler (Hitler was head of

propaganda) issued a 25 point plan which formed the base policies of the party for the next few years

(Overthrow Treaty of Versailles, arian superiority, no German Jews, strong state control.

With the defeat of WW1 still fresh in the memories of Germans, and with the weakness of the Weimar

Republic, Hitler saw that a strong, almost ruthless, party would attract support and potentially grab

power from the weak minded Weimar Republicans.

Evidence of the political upheaval was all around -

In 1921 Matthias Erzberger (signed the surrender in 1918) was killed in the black forest, Walther

Rathenau also killed 24th June 1922 - signs of very radical feelings in the country at the time. Also

relevant was the Kapp Putch (13th March 1920 Dr Wolfgang Kapp and 5000 members marching on

Berlin, only fooled by the strike action which halted the city).

So there was a lot of political upheaval at the time and Hitler siezed his own opportunity for radicalism

when on 8th November 1923 he and his private army, the Sturm Abteilung, led 3000 supporters to take

over the Bavarian government and then march on Berlin. this was...