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I've loved dogs since before I was born. My parents have always been avid dog breeders, and my mother likes to tell the story that she read fables to me during her pregnancy with our prize weimaraner, Hunter, sitting by her feet. I can't confirm that, but I don't remember a time when Hunter and his three siblings didn't share my bedroom, play area and sand box.

My parent's passion for dogs rendered our house a disaster area to those who didn't share their devotion. While Hunter and his brood were champion show dogs, we didn't restrict them to crates or to a pen in the back yard. They were considered family and they lived with us in the house. This was unsettling to non-canine lovers, who viewed with disdain our pups sleeping on the bed and watching television on the recliner. I was the dog's devoted owner and never understood the problem.

When I was seven, I began attending dog shows with my mother and Hunter. While mom did most of the training, I was impressed with the skill set that Hunter possessed and was always delighted when he won a prize or at least placed in the hunting dog division. He won best of show at the Kal Kan Mid-Atlantic Finals when I was eight and barked appreciably when my mother accepted the prestigious winner's cup. He definitely knew that he had done well. My mother's early success with Hunter was graceful and misleading. His victories seemed effortless, suggesting that he had miracularously trained himself and needed no assistance from her. I soon leanred how false this was! At age 12, I accepted responsibility for training Hunter's gifted daughter, Misty. She was a striking silver gray beauty, with a feisty personality and exceptional muscularity and...