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Outline Thesis: The Final Solution of Jewish question had three Stages: Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3.

I. The first Stage of the Final Solution was basically killing squads, so called Einsatzgruppen.

A. "Adolf Eichmann coldly declared, "Jewry is now suffering fate which, thought hard, is more than deserve. No compassion and certainly no sorrow are called for. In this historic conflict every Jew is our enemy" (Resnick 53).

1. "Genocide had become the Final Solution to the Jewish Question. No European Jew was to remain alive. Throughout the Russian Campaign, the Einsatzgruppen were to shoot Jews on the spot" (Merti 162).

a. "The vast area stretching from Baltic Sea to the Black Sea was divided into four areas, with one Einsatzgruppe in each. They were known as groups A, B, C, and D, and each was commanded by an officer from RSHA" (Yahil 225).

B. Himmler's four-squad, 3,000-man Einsatzgruppen team had many college graduates, engineers and a lot of smart people, and they became killers of thousands of defenseless civilians (Merti 163).

1. The SS squads sometimes get help from regular army: Rumanian troops killed 60,000 Jews without Einsatzgruppen killers (Merti 164).

a. "The site of the largest Jewish massacres occurred in the ravine of Babi Yar outside the city of Kiev in the Ukraine. On September 29 and 30, 1941, the Einsatzgruppen gunned down 34,000 Jews in thirty-six hours. A short time later, 50,000 more Jews along with tens of thousands of other Russians were murdered here" (Merti 164).

2. "Sunday, September 3, 1939 a few hours after German troop had entered the frontier town of Wieruszow, one of these SS groups seized twenty Jews, among them several prominent citizens, took them to market place, lined them up for execution. Among these Jews was Israel Lewi,