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George Stephenson The Steam Locomotive Did you ever wonder who created the steam Locomotive? Well here is your chance to fined out when, why, who, and were The steam Locomotive was created. George Stephenson was the one to create the first Locomotive that worked.

George Stephenson was born in 1781, in a village near Newcastle. He was not sent to school because of financial reasons, but as a chilled he worked in a mine. George's father worked in the same mine, controlling a water pipe. Once George took apart his dad's water engine, to see how it worked. At age seventeen George was given charge of a engine that brought coal up of the mine. This is the job he had always fuck wanted! By the time George had grown up he could not read or write. At age thirty three George decided to make his first Locomotive, to transport coal.

After that he made many more trains. In 1848 George Stephenson, the great inventor died, leaving behind a fortune of 140000 pounds.

George Stephenson was famous for creating the first working Locomotive, not the steam engine. His first Locomotive, that he made at age 33, could haul thirty ton at a rate of 7 KPH. This Locomotive consisted of a enormous tank with a high funnel at the front that looked like a factory chimney, thru witch smoke came out. In 1825 George and his son Robert built the first railroad to transport passengers and goods. People who came to the opening ceremony expected the locomotive to blow up. When it was time to test the train the train started traveling at a speed of 8 KPH. Once the people saw that the train did not blow up, they started getting on. George added more coal witch increased the speed of the Locomotive to 20 KPH.

Before the steam locomotive, coaches drawn by horses were the mane form of transportation. Trips on coaches were very dangerous. Travelers usually spent the night at inns. When traveling by coach there were many things that could go wrong, like some coaches got robed. When George Stephenson built the locomotive every body started riding it instead of hiring coaches. Rides on The Locomotive were much smoother since it traveled on a smooth rail, not the bumpy road. Locomotives also did not have to stop for the night. Coaches only went 3 KPH while Locomotives could traveled at a speed of 20 KPH .