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C-102 The first day of the second semester of the school was beautiful. The day was cloudless with sunshine bursting out from the horizon. The morning air was nippy, but the breeze was refreshing. There were many diverse evergreens still in bloom, but giant, bare, leafless, lifeless oak trees overshadowed the school casting a dark, unpromising shadow. A cold, chilling wind, which escaped from the school, bit at my face as I opened the heavy, dark doors of the school. Eechoohata High School had recently quietly observed their 20th anniversary, but many students speculated that the school was much older, much, much older. It was Holloween all year long as various spider and obscure bugs hidden in its various nooks decorated the sullen school. The principal, Dr. Wamberton, greeted us as we walked into the Eechoohata High School. The man had deep, boring eyes that took no nonsense. He brushed his hair evenly around his head to cover the many bald spots that had developed.

He had a lean and tight jaw that finished his rectangular head. He wore the same dreary outfit everyday: a night-colored Armani suit, and an Eechoohata Cats hat. We did not have any sports teams, so I just speculated that he wore it in case the superintendent of the Notluf County ever did drop by and check on him. He stuck out his hand to greet me, and solemnly welcome me into the second semester. His grip was strong and his hand was cold, a coldness that was only matched by his heart. Last year he permanently suspended a kid for loitering after schools hours. The kid, James, was a friend but I never saw him ever again after that incident. On the following day's announcements the principal explained he moved, so I believed him. Since the school had few after-school activities, it was an absolute sin to dwell past 4:00. Students made myths about the many disasters that have befallen kids for staying after, even accidentally.

In the wretched school many of the lights had burned out and the remaining flickering lights of the school barely illuminated the dark school. I also realized that, once again, Eechoohata High School had decided to save energy by not turning the heating. The school was due to have been remodeled ten years ago, but the county never got to it or simply forgot we even existed. I tiredly walked into my first class: Literature. In the previous semester, our last teacher had decided to teach at another school. I felt a little sad after she left, because she was the only teacher I enjoyed having. So anxiety lay in my heart as I walked to first period. The tardy bell ominously tolled for class to start, and in effect the morning announcements started. "Good morning Eechoohata, this is Mr. Wamberton speaking, and here are the morning announcements"¦" I quietly slipped into class, and an unspeakable dismay greeted me. The walls were no longer joyful with the various brightly colored posters she hung on the wall. The room did not have that unexplainable welcoming aroma anymore. The class was not energetic and responsive. Instead the walls were bare except for a poster of an old lady sternly telling you to read. The room smelled of rotting wood. The class was eerily quiet waiting for the new teacher to take roll. Luckily the teacher's back was turned as I found a seat. The chair emitted a creaking sound as I sat in it. Reacting to the noise, the teacher turned her head and the creepiest felling slithered through my body as I saw her. She wasn't ugly or old, but there was this feeling that sent chills through my body. Her lips slowly crept to both sides of her face creating a smile. She asked why I was late, and I gave a normal excuse that it was the first day and I couldn't find my class. Her eyes drilled me and decided that I was telling the truth.

Finally, her bony mouth began talking. Her name was Ms. Enirehac Aercath she said she was 30 years old, but the many wrinkles on her face suggested that she well in her 40's. Her simple blouse and common dress complemented her square shaped face, and her short, trite hair. Her stature was short but she was skinny, dreadfully skinny. Her face was randomly dotted with small black dots. On the middle of her face was a long, bent, crooked nose that seemed to accent her witch like features. She somberly talked about her schooling and where she previously taught, while the whole time she kept a menacing eye on me. Finishing her speech, she wanted a volunteer to help pass out the syllabi for the class. Many students offered, but surprisingly she beckoned for me to help her. I walked sluggishly to the front of the class. The teacher told me that syllabi were tucked in a drawer next to her desk. I went to the drawer, and slid it open slowly. As I bent down to look for the syllabi, a horrific, sordid sight chilled me to my bone.

There they lay in the drawer. It was there in plain view, not an attempt was made to hide it. There were at least a dozen, but probably much more. All them were still squirming as if they were freshly plucked. Plucked as clean as dying petals from a decaying flower. I observed that the vile objects were kept in good condition, well as a good a condition as they could have been kept. Just as I was about to yell in disgust, Ms. Aercath calmly corrected herself saying that the papers were on her desk. I slid the drawer shut and took the syllabi up to her all the while trying to keep a straight face. I swear that her composure shifted a bit when she saw my attempt at keeping a relaxed face. I could almost see that wretched smile again, as if she was glad I found those items.

As time dragged on, the bell finally tolled again. I was just about to leave that desolate room, as I heard Ms. Aercath's creaky voice again asking me to see her. She said that she was unhappy that I came late to class, and wanted for me to stay after for detention. I was appalled. It was the first day of the second semester! She couldn't do this to me! After she finished her words, I was about to argue but the late bell unfavorably rung. It must have been off, because she could not have talked for 5 minutes. Without even bothering, I ran off to second period.

The rest of the day passed by slower than usual. The monotonous teachers blabbered and dragged on about Napoleon, electrons, and right triangles. The teachers acted as if they did not care at all about teaching, but taught because it was an easy to way to make money. It was more boring than usual, but I didn't care, and I sure didn't mind; I just looked forward to my "detention." I never really looked forward to detention or even staying after school but being naturally curious, I wanted to know. I wanted to know badly. At lunch I barely could eat my lunch as the awful vision of those objects attacked me relentlessly. The anticipation built up as the day went on, and I could barely even wait for the day to end.

The second half of the day was filled with even more dreadful boredom. Class never seemed so short; the three hours were the longest of my life. While I tediously listened to the teachers talking, I dully looked at the barren trees. I shivered in coldness, as I saw the sun pouring light on the outside. The blinds were half closed so only the fake fluorescent light illuminated the classroom. Oh, how I yearned to be on the outside of the cold, lonesome classroom. Outside the many joyful butterflies and doves fluttered and flew from the trees, but not one landed on Eechoohata. In contrast the only insects were loathsome centipedes and worms and made their home in the cobwebs of our school. I sighed, as I knew that the school day was coming to an end. But it would be longer today, as I had to stay after school.

The school bell tolled once again signaling the end of school. It the end of school of most people, but I had to stay after. I would finally discover why there was not any after school activities. I fearfully walked into Aercath's room. The room was different now. The lights were dimmer, and the roomed seemed more ghastly than before. I cautiously stepped in into the room and was immediately greeted by many stern faces. They sat in a semi circle, with one seat open, presumably for me. There were 2 pairs of eyes staring a hole into me. I slowly sat down and analyzed the faces. Among them were Mr. Wamberton and Ms. Aercath. I looked at them, and they stared at me. Finally, I spoke up, "I'm here for detention, Ms. Aercath." She analyzed me for a minute and said, "Yes, please, please do come in. So, Mr. Akemasilo, why were you late for my class? That does not really matter though; what matters is what frightened you so when you looked in my drawer?" As I was about to answer, Mr. Wamberton closed the door. She continued, "Please, please let me pull out the object that frightened you." She reached into her drawer and pulled the hideous object. Now there were more. There were more than a dozen, maybe two dozen. My face turned ghost white as I saw them salivate over it. Aercath slowly passed the container to her right and I watched as it circled around and finally it reached me. There I saw it up close. They were disgusting. Round, squishy, and still alive, presumably. I vomited in disgust. "Take one, you'll enjoy it, really," urged Aercath.

I refused and threw the container in the trashcan. "You did not have to do that, Mr. Akemasilo, now you have displeased us," said Mr. Wamberton. I looked around, but from nowhere a teacher had bound my hands together, and Ms. Aercath and Mr. Wamberton were on me. I struggled, and screamed, but only the empty halls responded. They struck, and struck more. Finally, they took them. They took them like they took all the other students'. One by one until both of them were gone. They took them. They took my eyes.

I was blind. I shouted and kicked, but the Physical Education teacher grasped me tight. I was powerless against them. I grudgingly submitted, for I had lost. Soon, after hearing munching sounds, something opened. They threw me into an open something. "Who is there!?" I screamed.

"It's us, John, Brian"¦ and James," the voices shouted back.

They closed the doors, and locked us all in that dark room, forever.

It had been a day. Once again, the bell tolled signaling the beginning of the morning announcements. "Good morning Eechoohata, this is Mr. Wamberton speaking, and here are the morning announcements. Today, Eechoohata School is devastated to hear that one of our own students died in a car accident, yesterday. We are all greatly saddened by this enormous loss." I screamed, but no one answered. No one answered but the hourly tolling of the late bell.