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11/18/99 Human Relations Final Paper Through out this semester Human Relations has taught me a lot about me, and how I compare to others. I have learned that going to college has created problems that I had not had in the past. I have also learned that some of these problems may have been triggered from past experiences. I fell that this coarse has helped me to deal with these problems or has helped me get over them.

My attitude was a big factor in some of my issues. I had a tendency to look at things in a bad way. Which is bad because I would never do anything. Now I feel that I can approach a situation, and decide if it is going to be fun or not. I think the main problem is that I over react to work that I have to do. So instead of over reacting I just don't do it.

I hate getting stressed out so I try to avoid it, but I can't. I have to deal with it. I feel that this coarse has helped me with different techniques to deal with being stressed out, and to deal with are feelings about a subject. I feel that now I can pick apart the way I feel.

Being comfortable with my self has been a big factor. I thought that I had no human relation problems, but I was wrong. I learned that I think negative about myself, which is wrong. I used to feel that I was not as good as other people, but I have now learned that is only the way you look at your self. I guess that means my self-esteem was low. I Now know that is just the way I think I appear, that does not mean other people judge me in that way. I now know that I need to be confidant about who I am so other people I deal with conflict a lot with my family, friends, and myself. My self-conflict is that I feel that I am not as smart as everybody else, because I can't understand as quick or read as fast. In my old high school it was not a issue because most of my friend had learning disabilities. At UNH there is a lot less around, so I see what a so-called "normal person" can do, and it gets me down because I won't to be like that. I know this may sound ridiculous but it is true. This section of this course has taught me to look at things on the flip side. For example what if I was Genie from the short story we read. I began to compare myself to other people and realized that I am pretty lucky for the card that was dealt to me. Mabey I am not the smartest person"¦but who is? My point exactly you don't know. So I look at myself now as a average person who lives on the same earth as any other person.

My family has always been there for me. When I had to take out anger I could tell them or when I feel sad I can tell them, or when I had a problem that needed an answer they could usually come up with one. I feel that this taught me to be nice to your parents. I realized that my parent mean a lot to me. They put me here to live a nice life, and I am going to take advantage of it. But I always think what about when my parents die, then what. I now feel that I can handle a lot more of these problems alone, just by knowing who I am, and what I can give to this world. I used to think that when they go I can't go on in life, but now I feel that I can.

My friends have been a big impact on me. I feel that I can look to them if I have nobody to look to. My attitude towards my friends was not always like that. I always thought that my friends were just to have fun with. Now after taking this coarse, I realize I can talk to my friends about things that I would have not earlier. For example when I feel stressed out I will talk to A friend, instead of letting myself be stressed out.

I feel that I can read people a lot better after taking this coarse. By learning facial expressions and kinds of handshakes. Since I have learned this I feel more confident about talking to people. I also feel that I can approach people with more confidants. Now when I go out I use these techniques.

Dealing with stress is a big factor in my life. I now feel that I can deal with stress by hearing all of the different ways people reduce stress. Although I do sometimes have anxiety attacks, which also can be helped with some of the ways people mentioned. But I have learned that if you can control your problem in take in a day, it can help to prevent stress. I have also learned that when you are stressed talk to a friend and tell them way you are stressed out. It will help you feel better because your friend will cheer you up, and help you get your mind off of the subject.

I conclude that this class has made me a better communicator and has given me a better sense of who I am. In other words I feel like I can handle situations that I could not before. I Feel very secure about who I am, and I am a lot more open when I am discussions, in least I hope. My self-esteem was lowered from past events. Now I have learned how to cope with my problems. I think that if you are secure about yourself then you will be all set in life.

Quotes: "Look at life as a game of chess." "To each their own"