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Executive Summary

Today's organizations are undergoing rapid change. No more so than in the area of the human resource. Organizations are becoming more diverse in respect of the staff employed: issues such as race, gender, culture and age confront the general manager. The management of people within an organization is considered a strategic function rather than the responsibility of one particular functional area of the organization. Managers with the responsibility for staffing and personnel are having to adopt a more strategic approach to the issues of people in the organization. The recruitment of the right people for the right job and the continual training and development of individuals to ensure their effectiveness within the organization are strategic issues, which concern both specialists and general managers as a whole.

As a concept and organizational practice Human Resource Management (HRM) has become central in recent years. Both private and public companies have recognized that in administering human resources efficiency, competence, and flexibility are close interrelated.

But despite the success of targeting HRM efforts, the field is characterized by a series of problems toward which companies must make a decision about that. This particular project is about Pata Company in Hong Kong. It analyses the organizational job restructure and staff training. The project describes its problem the company faces, each problem is presented and discussed and a series of proposals offered on how the companies can trade-off often-conflicting considerations related to the specific themes.


All organizations develop and change over time. Such changes are often related to an organization's growth. From the time an organization is incorporated, it develops by way of several phases. At each phase or stage of development, its management style, structure and processes changes as the organization develops and grows. As the company develops, its...