Human Resource Responsibilities

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Human Resource Responsibilities

A Human Resource department has a wide variety of tasks. Some of the most challenging of these responsibilities are retention, transition, selection and employee development. It is very important that Human Resource professionals stay on top of the latest organizational issues and trends in order to accomplish these tasks more efficiently.

First of all is the importance of the retention of highly skilled employees. The training alone on our specific equipment can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Once an employee is trained they must be fairly compensated for their position and feel that they are secure in their job because other companies would love to have their skills without having to pay for the training. In order to retain these employees you have to be able to answer the question, what is the real reason that your employees are leaving? In order to answer this question you have to do extensive research in your own organization as well as the rest of the employment market.

Things such as making sure you have a competitive compensation package, your employee moral is up, and knowing what segments of your organization are most likely to leave are important parts of this process.

Secondly is the transition of employees both in and out of your organization. A forced internal transition to another position inside the company can cause resentment from an effected employee. Although this can be a necessary do to restructuring tactics inside the organization, it has to be conducted in the fairest way possible both for the company and the employee. A transition out of the company is one of the most challenging things a Human Resources department ever has to go through. This has to be a very well structured process from your reorganization strategy, deciding who...