Human Resources Management - selection and recruitment plan

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Step 1: Identification of a Vacancy3Step 2: Review the need for the position and to fill the vacancy3Step 3: Determine the most effective recruitment strategy4Step 4: Prepare a Request to Recruit form4Step 5: Establish Selection Panel & determine selection methodology4Step 6: Receive and collate applications5Step 7: Commence selection by reviewing applications and determine a shortlist of candidates5Step 8: Assess short listed candidates5Step 9: Recommend Outcome6Step 10: Verbal offer of employment to preferred candidate and discuss employment terms and conditions6Step 11: Make written offer of employment to candidate6Step 12: Advise unsuccessful candidates7Step 13: Arrange appointment and commence induction process7Step 1: Identification of a VacancyThe front office manager of Crowne Plaza Canberra has identified a vacancy for a new team member in reception. The position is for a receptionist as one of the full time staff members has handed in their resignation.

Step 2: Review the need for the position and to fill the vacancyAs the position is a full time position it is important that it is filled.

The hotel relies on receptionists for guest check ins and check outs and also the basic running of the hotel. The Crowne plaza has 295 rooms, so it is important there is staff available as the hotel is constantly busy. The hotel relies on 4 fulltime and 4 casual receptionists.

The need for the new full time receptionist is high and as front office manager, the budget needs to be reviewed before hiring a new staff member. If staffing costs are too close to the budget a part-time or casual may be required or if the staffing costs are well under budget the full time position can be filled.

The current requirement for the position is needed and will be needed in the future as there may be long term staff members taking...