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The Bedroom Only Suited For A King

My bedroom is that of many nightmares and wonders. I have a bed that takes up half the space in my room, a dresser that takes up another chunk, a closet that can not hold another hanger and then a bookshelf with books from when my parents were teenagers. Finally I have a desk that doesn't even have a chair to sit in. The desk is just covered in outdated school papers and disciplinary notes that I have yet to show my parents and then there is my dusted and broken blinds that cover my large window which is right above my bed.

I am only a temporary tenant in the house I live in now. I have my own bedroom with my sister living next to me and my parents living down the hall. Of course, my parents bedroom has a king size bed (the size of my entire bedroom), a big enough space to have a second living room and even there own bathroom and shower.

Not to mention the thirty-six inch television screen above their cherry wood dresser set. So in all likelihood I will never at this point in my life have the room that I would most desire. However, when I become a multi millionaire in my mid-twenties I will not only have the bedroom of my dreams but also the house of my dreams. And the bedroom I will soon be living in after college in my million-dollar estate will consist of the following:

ƒ"An electronic remote controlled maid to pick up after me so I could do whatever it is that my heart desired whenever I felt like it and never have to worry about picking up after myself. I would be able to sleep every...