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What is identity? A lot of people have a different answer to this question, some might answer this question by saying that it is the physical perspective of someone. Others might think of identity as the name of a person or just the mentality of the person. These two passages demonstrate two completely different aspects of identity. Passage one shows a granddaughter's view for the first time of her very own grandmother, describing her physically and mentally, while passage two shows how someone's identity can change over time.

Passage one shows the identity through the eyes of a young girl, who visits her grandmother in Barbados for the first time in her life. When she arrives, she describes the grandmother's identity as she sees it. Paragraph three, describes the grandmother's physical identity as someone who looked as if already dead yet, still alive. Not only does the child express her thoughts on her grandmother's physical, but also her mentality as well.

In paragraph eight and twelve you can see the grandmother's thoughts of her grandchildren.

Passage one also uses literary elements such as similes and imagery; an example of a simile, would be "It was as stark and fleshless as a death mask, that face."(paragraph four). This is a simile because in a simile the words like or as are used to compare two things, in this case it only uses as in the sentence. The author's example of imagery, also in paragraph four, gave the readers a picture of how the grandmother looked.

Passage two presents it's self differently from passage one, but it still shows how the identity is viewed from someone else's eyes. Miss Rosie, as passage two is called, is about someone who is describing a woman and how that woman's identity changed over time. In...