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Animal testing questions human compassion and morality two reasons why animal testing is wrong, even if the research done benefits mankind. "Just like us a Forum on Animal Rights," by Arthur Caplan, Gary Francione, Roger Goldman, and Ingrid Newkirk takes an in-depth focus at the concerns people face when dealing with painful, and sometimes the illegal procedure of cruel punishments towards animals for the benefit of man. The article proposes issues on the pros and cons of animal testing. Here we see a group of scholars and philosophers who discuss the rights of animals. If animals have rights and what those rights are. Moreover, Frederick A. King's article, "Animals in Research the case for Experimentation" argues the importance of animal experimentation the psychological and physical importance. Furthermore, King implies without it humans would be set back to the days of superstition. King also adds how animal activists exaggerate the number of animal cruelty incidents in the testing of animals.

Gary Francione brings up a conscientious point of view in regards to the law and how the law determines animals as property. When our own government pronounces animals as property the outcome on societies own views towards them would be indifference. This is why so many people loose touch towards the acts done towards the animals. Society associates animals with property and what one does with his or her property is their own business. Francione also points out how we still fail to see that living things are not property, he gives the example of human slavery which occurred only a few hundred years ago. Everyone today would agree that all mankind is the same and as living beings, should not be treated with acts of cruelty. One who favors for animal experimentation such as Frederick A. King would argue...