If I could interview anyone, who would it be? Jesus And Why? What questions would you ask him/her, and why?

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If I could interview anyone, who would it be? Jesus

If I could interview anyone, dead or alive, it would have to be Jesus. I would want to interview him because he was a man different from you and I. He was the son of God, a man without sins. Being of the Christian faith, there are many questions that are unanswered concerning God, Heaven, and the Bible.

What impresses me is how he endured the hostility that came to him without going sour on people. How could he do it? The Bible indicates his never ending love for God and people. The intensity of that love was what set him apart from anyone else. Jesus knew what it was to be constantly challenged and put down. I would ask him how he was able to resist temptation, and what he felt inside. Many would refer to him as a supreme being, son of God, but what we need to realize is that he was also human, like you and I.

He had feelings, he was hurt, he had struggles. I tend to sometimes think, "Well, sure Jesus was able to do it, he's...Jesus". But any struggle and pain we have, he's been through it. I would ask him how he stayed strong. What inner battles did he deal with. Being human, did he ever doubt what God said to him. Did he ever feel that dieing on a cross was too much. I tend to wonder, knowing that this was the purpose of his life, how did it feel everyday. Was it a happy feeling knowing he could save us all, or was it a sad feeling knowing of his horrible death.

I would also want to know, when did he know he was the son of God. Was this something he knew from birth, or was there a time when it became known to him? If God, his father spoke to him, how did he know it was real. When did he realize his abilities. He had the ability to heal the sick and perform miracles. These are amazing things. Being God, in a human form, with the normal feelings of any human, I would love to know what it felt like to have these abilities. Was he as amazed at what he could do as many of his followers were, and are? These are some of the little things that you wouldn't normally think of.

I would also want to ask him questions that a lot of people wonder about. I would ask him to explain to me why innocent people suffer. I'm sure everyone has questioned God when a family member has died, or a horrible tragedy occurred. We often hear, "God does everything for a reason." Well, I would ask Jesus what some of the reasons are for specific incidents. Since heaven is so great and no one knows it's exact greatness I would definitely ask him all about that. I would want to know what it looks like, what we will do. What type of bodies will we have in heaven? Is there one universal age? The Bible says that everyone has a purpose on this earth. I would ask Jesus what my purpose is here. Why was I placed on this earth? What difference can I make in this world?

The last question I would ask Jesus, would be when is he coming back to earth. The Bible speaks of his return, and that no one knows the time or day, but we all need to be ready. This is why we must have our lives right with God. Because we never know if he will come tomorrow. The age old question is, if he were to come tomorrow, would you be ready for heaven. If I could ask Jesus exactly when he was coming, there would be many more people "ready".

There questions to ask Jesus would be endless. A 30 minute interview would be a tease, but these are just a few of the questions I would ask Jesus, if given the chance