The Importance of Delegation

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Delegation is an important tool that should be taught to every manager to help a company achieve its goals in the most efficient manner. Oftentimes, managers are hired due to their exceptional performance within a job category. The chosen individual for the management position does not necessarily have strong leadership skills or the knowledge of what it takes to be a successful manager. This commonly leads to unnecessary stress and overwhelming burden on the manager to complete all the tasks assigned to reach company goals. Teaching managers how to use delegation as a tool to increase performance and empower employees will not only improve the likelihood of achieving goals, but it will also boost employee morale.

Delegation is poorly used by managers within my organization. Rather than asking an employee to perform a task, most managers within my company will assume total responsibility for the task and complete it themselves.

I believe they fear that another employee may not complete the assignment to the manager's standard. By fulfilling the task themselves, they do not have concern over the outcome of the project. Another reason managers may be reluctant to delegate is the fear of developing their employees beyond the manager's own capabilities. A manager may have concern that the employee can fulfill a task better than the manager and the upper management of the company may values the employee more. If our organization's managers were taught to successfully delegate, much of their anxieties could be relieved. According to Foster (2004), "there needs to be some compelling reasons for the manager to be prepared to use delegation as a development tool" (p. 30). In order to do this, a manager must feel equipped, feel safe, believe that growth and development of the company is dependent on growth and development of its...