The Importance of Fairytales

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Jason Baik

English 4

27 May 2014

Professor Anderson

The importance of fairy tales

Fairy tales teach important lessons to children through clever plots and real life situations.

Children fairy tales might not be the most realistic stories but they do point out crucial life

lessons. Fairy tales are presented in a form where children can easily identify problems and learn

the solution. Presenting life problems in their most essential form, children learn and develop

skills, from fairy tales, to apply in real life situations.

Usually children stories are sugar coated and made for the amusement or entertainment of

children. Fairy tales seem to take a darker, more realistic aspect for children. It tells stories of

tragic events that occur in real life and also tries to explain in the best possible way to children

what goes on. Children reading these stories at an early age can start them on an early track to

developing different perspectives on difficult situations. With so much experience and events to

come for growing children, fairy tales only give a small hint of things that could come their way.

Fairy tales try to simply put a realistic perspective in the minds of children at a young age who

can't yet grasp real life problems.

Fairy tales help a child's developmental process by introducing cultural ideas or values

that most children are expected to take on. There are tales of morality that pushes children to

reconsider their actions knowing the consequences ahead of time. Fairy tales introduce children

to the "American" ideal that determination and hardwork will always make it in the end. These

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stories try to tell a bold, unconscious message to children in ways that they can understand and

carry on into the future. Mostly because these stories hold...