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College Football Importance in Universities

*Regina A. Corso, Senior Vice President of Harris Poll and Public

Relations for Harris Relations, surveyed 2,176 people to get the results that

college football is the third most watched sport in America, while Pro Football is

number one (Corso Table 1). In colleges around the country some people say

football in their school is a waste of money, however, countless say there is a

need to have a football program. A purpose a college needs a football team in

their university is to create alumni involvement and giving donations to the

school. It also has the potential to draw possible students to attend the university

in the future. In addition to, a successful football team has the opportunity to

create a pride and economic growth with the community that the college has.

Various college alumnus look for some way to support the school after

they graduate, many use the football team to donate money too. In 1989 two

Coastal Carolina Universities alumnus, Mark and Will Adkins donated a generous

$350,000 for the athletic field house and the E. Craig Wall Sr. College of

Business Administration buildings. Because of their very kind contribution

Coastal Carolina University has named the field after them. *According to the

Coastal alumni newsletter in Issue 5 in June of 2006 Mark Adkins states "The

athletic program at Coastal, particularly football, has been a major factor in the

Betsko 2 growth of Coastal over the past few years, and it gives us a feeling of pride to be

able to help, and to be a part of that growth" (Coastal para. 5). This statement

from the generous donor shows that a football is not only a sport but also...