The Importance Of Interpersonal Skills On The Effectiveness Of U.C.G

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The Importance of Interpersonal Skills on the Effectiveness of U.C.G Author: Leroy Hunter.

Date: 19th October 2000.

Report Sanctioned By: Pamela McPhearson, Human Resource Director of U.C.G Financial Services.

Subject: Business Report on the importance of Interpersonal Skills to the effectiveness of U.C.G.

Acknowledgements: With many thanks go to Leroy Hunter, Farhad Tchahrdehi, Nicola Bertalaso and finally to my wife Marcela Manger for her patience and understanding.

Table of Contents: 1. Executive Summary. Page 4 2. Terms of Reference Page 5 3. Introduction. Page 6 4. The Effects of Interpersonal Skills on U.C.G. Page 7 - 11 5. Conclusion. Page 12 6. Recommendations. Page 13 7. Appendices, (inc Organisational Flow "" Chart App 4) Page 14 - 15 8. Bibliography. Page 16 Executive Summary: I have been asked by Pamela McPhearson "" Director of Human Resources to compile a formal written report on the importance of interpersonal skills to the effectiveness of U.C.G.

The company has been experiencing problems with maintaining its market share and through my own research and surveys, and of the surveys conducted by research companies Intl and One Survey Limited, have formed specific reasons, in relation to interpersonal skills, that seems to have contributed to the decline in business.

Lack of training is the main cause, for the decline, with many Customer Service Advisers and Financial Advisers stating in surveys and research that they were not taught correctly, properly.

Communication is another key factor as Stanton (3rd Edition) quoted "˜Communication is fraught with problems and difficulties, something often seems to get in the way' in the case of U.C.G Management there is a "˜one way street' (Kath Brady 2000 Seminar) approach to the staff, i.e. giving out orders, telling staff what they expect but not accepting ideas, feedback and information.

As you will see...