The Importance Of Music

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THE IMPORTANCE OF MUSIC IN OUR LIVES Music can be defined as a combination of sounds that express ideas or emotions by the use of rhythm, melody, etc. From birds chirping to symphonies of Beethoven, music comes in many forms and styles. Some of these different styles, also called genres, include rock, rap and classical. We hear music everyday and no one goes through life without being affected by music in some way, be it negatively or positively. Music often reflects social concerns, cultural trends and changing morals. Some people call music the Universal language, as it is able to unite people of various backgrounds. For example, an American can understand a symphony written by a Russian.

Music has impacted the way in which people communicate and express their emotions. In slavery days the slaves would sing "Go Down Moses"� in the field to announce that someone was going to try to escape.

Nowadays people write songs to express how they feel and they can channel their energy in a positive, creative way. They are also able to use music as a forum to voice their opinions on various issues. Through music videos and the radio they are able to channel their messages to a wide range of people. Many also believe that playing a musical instrument is a form of self-expression and provides a sense of self-accomplishment. It helps people to make new friends due to the common interest that they would share.

Music can not only emit emotions, it can also change emotions. If someone is angry and hears a song that he or she likes they feel relaxed and happy and they adopt a more peaceful attitude. In this way music can be very relaxing and therapeutic. A lot of people buy music with the sound of...