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The Important Role of Logic in Good Writing The Important role of "Logic" in Good Writing is base on various subjects. A good writing is like a program. Without the slightest objects, it will not function well. The slightest objects represent clarity, grammar, main idea, examples, a good thesis statement, brevity, illusion, simplicity, and supported idea. All these materials are needed in the important role of logic in good writing. However, if a good writing is missing some parts of the materials, it will not be logic, cannot persuade by the audience, and also it will not support the ideas of the writing.

One of the most important roles of good writing is clarity. The audience should be able to understand quickly and effortlessly a writing. People will not read a writing if they have to decipher its meaning. For instance, find the right word, not one that could be interpreted to have a different meaning than the idea.

Strive to write sentences that audience can interpret in only one way.

Grammar is one of the important parts in writing. Without a good grammar, the whole writing will not be easily to understand and may have a hard time for the audience to read. It also will not be logic and it might be loose the connection of cause and effect.

The writing must have a logical structure. Each sentence, paragraph, and section must have a role in the deductive or inductive logic that supports the writing's topic or theme. These are the important role in good writing. Illogical statements, phrasings, and structures confuse audiences. Good writings are logically organized. They typically include an introduction that states the writing's objectives, a statement and discussion of the writing's topic or central theme, a discussion and analysis of alternatives ideas, and a...