India as a Potential Business Resource

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This paper will explore the possible expansion of business and leveraging resources in India. It will explore the resources and skills available there that can be utilized at an advantage, in order to provide products and services at a competitive cost to current and potential clients worldwide. Also, it will explain any potential business issues that would affect the business environment there.


Driven by high demand, offshore development centers are appearing throughout the world. Buyers can choose from firms located in Asia/Far East (China, India, Pakistan, Philippines), Europe (Ireland, Russia, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Romania), the Americas (Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina) and even Middle East/Africa (Egypt, Israel, South Africa). Although the choices are many, they are not all equal, differing in several critical areas. Selecting the right option requires balancing factors such as cultural affinity, geopolitical risk, cost, and resource availability.

Factors in Choosing a Country

Despite the proliferation of countries offering offshore services, India is by far the dominant player; it has proven itself as a place of highly skilled and educated resources, which allows it to capture the lion's share of offshore spending.

Although countries such as Russia and China receive growing coverage in outsourcing ventures, they lack the maturity and critical success factors needed to effectively challenge India in meeting the needs of most IT clients. Their market in IT skills is yet to mature to the level present in India. India has focused on the education of future resources, hence the current advantageous position they are in. Although there is no such thing as the perfect country, India outranks many others when analyzed across a range of factors.

Competency in Delivering IT Services

India has a strong understanding of business IT and has many years of experience in delivering...