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Advertising Final ProjectTERM DEFINITIONS:1.Integrated Marketing Communication - Integrated Marketing Communication refers to the combination of Sales Promotions, Public Relations, and Advertising, to achieve a desired end result.

Ex: Integrated Marketing Communication allows MTV to reach a target audience by enticing them with flashy promotions, a fun "hip" lifestyle, and the chance to be in the "in" crowd.

2.Strategic Orientation - Strategic orientation is the combination of a companies mission, previous campaigns, SWOT analysis, Financial Data, Goals, and ROI.

Ex: Through strategic orientation companies are better equipped to generate profit and compete successfully because they better understand the "Big Picture" of what they have to offer.

3.Advertisement - A paid form of non-personal presentation of ideas, goods, and/or services by an identified sponsor.

Ex: A commercial for NIKE tennis shoes would be considered an advertisement because it is marketing a good (tennis shoes) by an identified sponsor (NIKE).

4.SWOT Analysis - SWOT analysis is identifying the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of a marketing campaign.

Ex: By doing a SWOT analysis of a previous COKE commercial the Coke Co. can determine what things to change, keep, or maybe eliminate in their next commercial or campaign.

5.ROI - The ROI, or Return on Investment is important in determining whether the revenue generated by an ad exceeds the cost of producing it.

Ex: Spending $4.2 Million to travel to Japan and shoot a commercial for a small time American Shoe Company that might only gross $2.5 Million dollars a year would show that the ROI would not be beneficial.

6.Campaign - Clients hire advertising agencies to create advertising campaigns to promote their company and/or brand.

Ex: A small business looking to grow may hire an advertising agency to help them develop a campaign that will broaden...