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Have you ever been influenced by someone or feel that you owe someone praise for the person you are today? I’m sure many will say that the most influential person in their life would be their mother or father or even both. In most cases I would say yes, my mother does inspires but I feel like my grandmother has had more impact on my life. She has been there my whole taking in the role as my mother by allowing me to have a great memorable childhood, an easy though at sometimes-hard adolescence, and she’s still here helping me developing into the young adult that I am today. To her, I know raising me must have been a journey.

I began living with my grandmother at the age of six. Of course this would be a critical stage for a child to understand why she/he is changing homes, but I knew.

Having a mother who chose men over her kids wasn’t exactly the words I wanted written in my memory of my child hood, but that’s how it was. My grandmother seen it was essential to develop into the parent my mom should have been. As I think back, memories of my childhood were nothing except enjoyable, genuine, blissful moments.

Every weekend my grandma would have a new activity or adventure for my two sisters and me. Our weekends consisted of visiting the sea creatures a the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Md. Our favorite activity there would be to see the thirty-minute performance of four exotic blue dolphins splashing around and performing different types of tricks. The Washington D.C. Zoo as well as the Maryland Zoo was also a few of our frequent destinations. Sundays in the afternoon, I would fascinate about how I wanted my life to...