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My mother is the most influential person in my life. I think so, because she is a good row model. My mom was a strait "A " student and she was awarded with a gold medal. (In Ukraine if you where a good student for the all 10 years of school you receive either a gold medal or a silver one.) Then my mom went to a Medical School, which was very hard, because the school did not want to accept a Jewish girl. My appearance in that world did not preclude her to graduate from Medical School with high GPA. (My dad couldn't really help out because he was in the same class during daytime and worked all night to support the family.) Finally medical school was over and my mom was now working in an acute chamber of a mental hospital Then October 18, 1995 my mom (and my family) had to sacrifice their almost successful life, so that I could have a better one.

My parents saw that there was no future for me in Ukraine, things like money, food and work where getting worse every day, so we moved to America.

Now my mom is trying very hard to become a doctor again, she never gives up if she wants something a lot. My mother has a big influence on me because how hard she is trying to make a good example. I want to be a lot like her because she never gives up. My mom takes care of my whole family. She has a great potential. These are the reasons that make me want to be like my mom. I consider my mom is the most perfect mom I can picture in my imagination. I think that if I follow her footsteps...