The Inherent Struggle Between the Greed of an Insurance Agent and Brokerage

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The Inherent Struggle Between the Greed

of an Insurance Agent and Brokerage

Eric Dick

June, 2, 2004


David Mainor

It's 8am and I drive into the parking lot of Sweetwater Country Club. If this client wasn't as rich as he is I would be quite reluctant to make this drive again - the day before I found myself waiting over an hour, sitting on the couch in the reception area. Finally, after I called him for the fourth time, he answered his cellular to respond with, "Oh we had a meeting today? I'm at Clear Lake Country Club (other side of Houston), umm... sorry about that." Of course, the salesman that I am replied with something like, "Ah, I see how you are. You scheduled two morning appointments because you like to eat breakfast (it's common for country clubs to have breakfast available to its members)." Our conversation ended with us both laughing and agreeing to meet with one another today.

So here I am again. Second day in a row. Sitting on the couch in the reception area - thinking to myself that if this guy wasn't as rich as he was I wouldn't be here. I'm not particular fond of waking up at 5:45am so I can leave my apartment at 6:45am just to wade in traffic for an hour. On top of that, since this is a business appointment, I am wearing a suit and tie (which I detest) in the middle of summer. If it wasn't in the morning I would instantly perspire as I stepped out of my truck.

In walks a poorly dressed man. He approaches me and says, "You must be Eric." "You caught me," I replied as I stood up to shake his hand. We then proceeded to sit at an...