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During the movie The insider, many problems occurred from situations inside the business, of which people were not aware. There was an ethical dilemma that was concerning one of the world's largest industries, and affected people throughout the world. By examining the ethical dilemma, factors which influenced the person such as the person and the organization, decision making and reviewing the bad situations. It is apparent that the ethical dilemma caused problems for many people and agreements were made that should not have been.

In practice, people are often challenged to choose ethical courses of action on specific occasions where the pressures may be contradictory or great. Dr. Jeffery Wigand, currently unemployed, was put I a situation where the wrong choice could leave him and his family in a bad situation for life. He worked for a large tobacco company called Brown & Williamson, which produced cigarettes for the country, however the products being produced were hazardous to ones health of which Wigand as aware.

The ethical dilemma was between Dr. Wigand telling the information he knew about the cigarettes or not say anything and protect his family. The problem is he signed a confidentially agreement stating that he could not tell anyone of the issues he knew, and if he did there would be action taken. Factors influencing his behavior are evident throughout the situation, and hold a major dilemma for his everyday life.

Dr. Wigand was influenced by factors within the business, the environment and family. Brown & Williamson threatened to take away benefits that are necessary for his family. He would have no medical coverage for his family and himself, he was also a teacher so all of his past problems with the company would be made public information. The government was also using laws to...