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INTRODUCTIONThe main objective of the organizational structure is support the organizational strategy, the organizational structure, based on training and skill development, effective management of people, wage compensation, incentive pay, and others, it will depend how close those goals are aligned with the strategy. In the case of the companies for InterClean, Inc. benchmarking, Daiichi-Sankyo, Inc. and Best Buy Co., Inc., both must change the Human Resource Department training strategy, with the purpose of align them to the new requirement of the new strategy to implement and considering the internal and external environment. One of the principally compensation of wage, is based on the skill and training of the employees, so the proper strategy and the compensation will enforce the employees to maintain their efforts in the training received, and then the project or strategy can be effective for the employees and the company, results of these training and incentives must be reflected on the company performance, the return of the investment it will depend of the strategy to implement, in the case of the benchmarking companies, one of the used the traditional method, establishing a training program in contrast of the other company who used a innovate method.

DAIICHI-SANKYO, INC. (Adolfo)Daiichi-Sankyo Inc., is a pharmaceutical Company, created in 2005 by union of the Tokyo based Sankyo, and one of the small rivals Daiichi Pharmaceutical, after this union they creating the second largest drug firm in Japan. Daiichi-Sankyo seeks to build on our history of discovery with the development of new therapies in cardiovascular disease, cancer, metabolic disorder and infections. Same as InterClean Inc, Daiichi-Sankyo face the problem of training all the personnel, Daiichi-Sankyo was concern about training mainly focus on the young sales force. In the summer of 2007, before the launch of new drug for diabetes treatment, they...