Intercultural Communication

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Intra and Intercultural Communication in and between Australia and Morocco.

All cultures and societies, no matter how seemingly different, have certain aspects in common. These include social and cultural norms, values, traditions , which, while they may differ, are the basic foundations to the existence and continuing functioning of all societies. Having stated this not only clarifies the importance of these concepts, but also helps emphasise the paradoxical similarities and differences that can exist between two cultures.

This point is exemplified by the "relationship" that can be drawn between Australia and Morocco. To simply begin at the physical environment of the countries, both, in themselves, are filled with stark contrasts. Australia has the lush, tropical rainforests of the north east, the cool, European-style forests of he south east and the hot arid climate of the central deserts. Morocco is full of geographic extremes, such as the oases in the middle of the harsh Sahara to the south, the jutting Atlas mountains, which are frozen for around five months every year and the seemingly never ending beaches, which cover half of the countries perimeters.

And yet, through these contrasts, they are strikingly similar. This cartographical comparison can be used as a simple metaphor for the more complex relationships that evolve within and around the functioning of society and culture.

Australians are very direct people, who are very literal in the meanings of their words, especially the men. This makes the men well suited for the types of professions that seem to be flourishing within the Australian economy of late, such as Information Technology or other such sectors, which rely heavily on telecommunication. As men are more literal in their meaning, mediums such as the telephone and e-mail let them simply, and through words and tone of voice or writing,