Internal public relations

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Effective communication with the internal organizational public at all levels is the key to success of an organization. Communicating timely with the employees result in augmentation of confidence and productivity and reduction of job insecurity and other related fears. This paper highlights the significance of internal communications in a profitable organization that believes in long-term solutions and complete satisfaction of its employees. The paper will present a recent issue related to the same thereby addressing the impact of effective communication with the internal public. Furthermore, this research paper will also provide an expedient action plan for effective internal communication.

Internal Public Relations

Internal communication has taken the form of a highly important domain in strategic and developmental communication (Managing Internal Communication). Extensive research in the related field proves that the sound communication mode and employee contentment and efficiency are in direct proportion. On the same account, this paper is divided into three distinct parts.

The first part presents the most debatable issue in the corporate world related to the merger of two giant companies, Hewlett Packard and Compaq and the dire need for the companies to make their internal communication effective. The second part of the paper discusses the impact of effective internal communication. The third part outlines the essentials for an expedient internal public relations action plan. The fourth and the last part conclude the entire research paper.

Need for Effective Internal Communication: Organizations over the years have realized that effective internal communication is the reason behind every successful change, "No matter what the change -- merger, restructuring, downsizing, reengineering, the introduction of new technology, or a customer service campaign" (Communication Consulting, 1996). For that reason, organizations today emphasize on the effectiveness and promptness of internal communication. However, the lesson learned came through appalling experiences when in intricate situations,