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In this report I will analyses the market of our host country and macro environmental factors which should be taken in consideration before starting a project. According to me India is a growing country for business and IKEA is a global furniture company. I am going to analysis IKEA's opportunity in India.

In this report I will first study about the company's portfolio and about the home country which is Sweden. It's strengthen, weakness, their opportunity and threats in India. This report will give us a brief idea if the Indian market is appropriate or not for IKEA.


The following reports give us the basic knowledge about the company IKEA and various environment of Indian market.

In first part of the report we have gather information about IKEA, its vision and mission. Its growth graph from past year's. Their business strategy in home country that is Sweden and around the world.

IKEA is a furniture retail industry, so we have also studied about industrial structure and strategy. Second part we have done research of our host country India, its external environment, PESTAL analysis, Porter's 5 force analysis and SWOT analysis. The type of investment IKEA is planning to do.

According to my analysis, it is profitable for IKEA to invest in India. The positive aspect are Friendly FDV policy, no strict legal rules and regulation, geographical condition is good and low labor cost. Ikea can import good easily and road and railway transportation service is good in India. The only problem IKEA will face is in social/cultural aspect, especially lack of service. It is hard to say if self-assembling furniture will be expected in India or not? India comes in second number in population with maximum working population and middle...