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Executive SummaryToytown plc is a global wooden toy manufacturer and distributor centred in the Ashborough" Essex UK.

Its products main segment is from 3 months to 5 years olds. The company's turnover is approx £200m a year. About 25% of company's product uses licensed characters. The remainder uses the company's own brand name.

The company's main purpose is to extend its product distribution to the European market.

The competition is tough either in the home country market or in European Economic Area market. Thankfully the product and distribution in the EEA is free trade area but the main problem is to introduce its product to the local markets.

According to Porters identification the toy business is fragmented industry as its demand in the market is never fade away. Toytown has identified three keys to success that are instrumental in the sustainability of the business. Number one is the need to develop creative, educational, engaging toys.

The second key is to adopt strict financial controls. The last key to success is the need to listen to customer, effectively creating a feed back mechanism for product improvement.

Market SummaryToytown plc needs to collect good information regarding its market and needs to identify what is the good deal about the common attributes of the most honoured customers. Toytown should leverage this information to better understand who should be served, their specific needs, and how Toytown can better communicate with them.

Toytown's brand perception is related to the sum of all experiences related to the product, distribution, and companies that make and deliver the product. The company's brand perceptions are shaped by functional experiences (i.e. speed, quality, reliability, availability, ease of use) as well as emotional experiences the customer associates with the product and company.

Before opening up a shop, Toytown needs to conduct...