International Marketing Plan: Mission Statement and Objectives: Marketing GE Air Conditioners in India

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An organization that is successful in marketing has invariably started with a marketing plan. One of the first steps for that marketing plan is defining a mission statement, and knowing what the objectives of the marketing plan entail. Team A has opted to market General Electric (GE) air conditioners in India, and will initially define the mission statement and objectives needed for success. Thomas Alva Edison is credited with the founding of GE in 1876. GE sites a quote by Edison that states, "I never perfected an invention that I did not think about in terms of the service it might give to others" (GE, 2008). The GE known today began in 1892, when the Edison General Electric Company and the Thomson-Houston Company combined to become the General Electric Company. Through the years, the leaders of GE have worked to build a diverse collection of leading businesses that currently operate on a global scale, including diverse presence in India.

IndiaIndia is a country in South Asia whose population is 1.3 billion, the second largest in the world. According to Keegan and Green, 2005 "India has the youngest demographic profile among the world's largest nations: More than half its population is under the age of 25" (Chapter 7, p. 2). India's population includes 200 million middle class people. Based on per capita income, India is considered a lower level of economic developed country; however, the market potential for many businesses is larger than the size of entire developed countries (Keegan & Green, 2005).

India's vast population speaks 14 official languages and many more unofficial languages (Cateora & Graham, 2007). 25 percent of India's population lives in urban areas.

India's weather varies but is typically hotter in the south than in the north with summer weather reaching triple digits (Keegan & Green,