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Luis - How have you been Niel since the kidnapping? Niel - Well, i've been fine thank you.

Luis - Im glad to hear that. How has Sharon and your Dad gotten along since the incident, are they alright, any problems? Niel - Well, I dont think so, they seem like thay are completely at ease since our incident.

Luis - Hmm, feels like a normal family now doesnt it, Niel? Niel - Yes, it kinda does feels like an all - american family.

Luis - Thats good to hear, how has it been in school? Niel - Its been going well, i still have trouble in my math class though. Because Sindy is so annoying in that class, and Ms. Becker is alwasy sending him to see the principal.

Luis - Really?! thar has to be harsh on his school record huh? you still get kids asking you about the kidnapping? Niel - Yeah kinda, they always ask me if I was afraid of that man they call "foxy" and I always answer them saying, "yes i was terrified, but i got out alive."

Luis - Just remember that......always if it woasnt for you dad, you and Sharon would have died in the explosion; Just like "foxy" did.

Niel - I will Luis, and I know that no matter how hard I try, I will never be able to rid my mind of those images of him killing my mommy.

Luis - Try not to think of that Niel, think of the times that you and your dad have spent the way, how is his Magazine going? Niel - His magazine is going really well, he promised me lots of lionel trains for my birthday. I sure hope he gives them to me.

Luis - I do too...