Introduction to Biology

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Biology= the science of life

organism= a living thing

cell= basic unit of life

unicellular= made up of one cell

multicellular= made up of multiple cells

homeostasis= balance

reproduction= producing more new organisms

DNA= large molecule that contains genetic information

gene= a short segment of DNA that contains information for your traits

2 Type of Reproduction:

1. sexual -> requires someone else

2. asexual -> do not need someone else

evolve= change

ecology= the interactions of organisms with one another and their environment

ecosystems= environmental communities

photosynthesis= plants make food and energy

autotrophs= produce their own food; plants

heterotrophs= eat food produced by autotrophs

Characteristics of living things:

1. cells= made up of cells

2. highly organized at both the molecular and cellular levels

3. energy (metabolism)

4. homeostasis= maintain stable conditions inside the body

5. grow

*cell division (mitosis)

*formation of 2 new cells from one cell

*development -> child -> adult

6. reproduction= form new organisms