The islanders part 2

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We all turned to see what Jennifer was talking about. Then Sara broke the silence, "What are you talking about Jennifer, that's only Aaron." "Yeah, my point exactly, that little tramp, she stole my boyfriend! Look at her, with her strawberry blonde hair, and her fake green eyes! She even has her arm around him!" "Dude, I never knew you and Aaron, were a couple?" Jimmy said after a long pause. "That is because they were never a couple." Sara said mockingly. I felt bad for Jennifer, she had a crush on Aaron for a while now, I mean who wouldn't, he is on the basketball team, and he's tall dark and handsome, and his curly black hair, and his dark eyes. Poor Jennifer, I wish Sara wasn't so harsh about it. Jennifer was staring at the floor.

"It's not like I ever had a chance with him."

Jennifer said in a small voice. "I'm sorry, Jen, I didn't mean to sound so mean, who cares about them anyways, lets just get our stuff in our rooms and after this trip is over, we can start crying." Sara announced.

They all started to walk to their rooms, when Samantha asked, "What room are you guys in?" "I have C5, what about you Jen?" "I have C5 too! What about you Kat?" "Sam and I both have C7, that's rite across, from you guys." "what about you Jimmy boy?" "oh, I have D3, that's on the bottom next to the kitchen!" Sara started shaking her head, "Don't these people know who you are?" we all started laughing all over again.

"Hey, Jimmy, wait up!" We all turned around to see who was calling Jimmy. "Yo, Aaron, where have you been man?" It was Aaron, Sara nudged Jennifer,