Religious Parody Script called 'Heavens Above'. A comedy that raises issues about Religions impact on Mankind and Mankind in general.

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Lil' Johnny Howard

Scene 1:


1. Computer: [MONOTONE] Good morning, - Visitor, and welcome to the Global Organised Dogma Corporation. Established since the dawn of time, the G.O.D. Corporation has remained committed towards manipulating the destiny of Mankind through the use of sermons, miracles and guilt.

2. Computer: Our CEO and author of two bestsellers...

3. Michael: [OVER COMPUTER] oh shut-up, shut-up


4. Computer: Windows Eternity, helping you mange your universe. Goodbye

5. Joanne: [FRIGHTENED] What's happening?

6. Michael: Sorry that darn computer always seems to go off spouting jargon.

7. Joanne: [FRIGHTENED] No, no. This is all wrong. I was just on my way home. Why am I here?

8. Michael: Well- did you see that bus?

9. Joanne: [CONFUSED] No. What bus?

10. Michael: Well that's why you're here!

11. Joanne: [SADLY] So, I'm dead.

12. Michael: Yes isn't it wonderful. No more aging, no more sickness and no more telemarketers.

13. Joanne: [RELIEVED] Then I made it to Heaven.

14. Michael: Almost. - You work as my secretary and then in a century or so you can receive eternal bliss. It's part of our new Work for the Soul Scheme.

15. Joanne: Apart from work, what else is there to do?

16. Michael: Gaze down from the Heavens! The fools, they think they invented reality TV. - We've been watching their stupid shit for years!

17. Joanne: And who are you?

18. Michael: Michael... [PAUSE] The right-hand man of God.

19. Joanne: [CONFUSED] An angel?

20. Michael: [OFFENDED] Well these aren't chicken wings here, lady.

21. Joanne: I don't understand, I thought Gabriel was the highest of the angels.

22. Michael: [BIT UPSET] It's just typical, Gabriel does one gig...