Its That Fuzzy Green Frog's Fault.

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This millennium generation of young adults accept what they hear and read as gospel. They rarely question anything that is told to them if it is told often and in print. The Internet, newspapers,and television are their main source of information. They readily accept internet legends.

How did this happen? This generation is a victim of the technology age. The television was often their baby sitter. Brightly animated characters on the TV screen were loyal friends whose goals were to make these children happy and informed. Their words were honest and true. No independent thought or imagination needed. It was all laid out before their eyes.

Pre-teens turned off their animated TV freinds. A keyboard attached to 14 inch monitor short circuited these TV friendships. The kids termed up to glitzy computer games, games that promised success only if the earnest player followed the rules of the game without question.

Everyone, these games promised, would prevail. The less astute child could get clues so he or she too could be the victor. The computer became the great equalizer, a faithful and true friend.

Young adulthood brought competition for jobs, long hours, and full schedules. No time for leisure reading. They turned to their old friend, the computer, it had all the answers.

Petting their electronic mouse brought the morning news into their homes. They printed these condensed versions of "all the news worth reading" and expanded their worldly knowledge by reading them while riding the train to the office.

With such a full schedule, our millennium generation had no time for socializing. The mating game was electronically transferred to the anonymous domain of internet chat rooms. Like an old world duenna, the computer introduced and chaperoned man and woman.

These life long unquestioning, non-judgmental, technological friendships have brought about a generation whose core philosophy is, "I saw it on the internet so it must be true". Its all Froggy's fault.