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Jeremy Wayne Brown 705 Hacker Dr.

London, KY 40741 Home Phone (606) 864-3586 EDUCATION 1997-2000 University of Tennessee Sociology/Criminology Concentration 3.0 GPA 2000-2001 University of Georgia Sociology/Criminal Justice Concentration 2.9 GPA 2001-2002 Eastern Kentucky University Working for Bachelor of Arts in Sociology Financed 85% of education through baseball scholarship and part-time work Spent 40 or more hours a week with baseball related activities (practice, workouts, meetings, etc..) EMPLOYMENT 1996-1997 The Video Link, Sales Clerk London, KY Utilized my personal skills in the selling of Video's, VCR's, games and inventory.

1997-1998 Regency Cinema 7 London, KY Ticket Salesman, Usher, Concessions. As one of the most trusted employees, I was in charge of ticket sales, concessions, inventory and ushering.

1999-2000 Allied Van Lines Cleveland, Ohio Responsible for inventory, loading trucks and website layout for the company 2001-2002 Professional Baseball Pitcher, Minnesota Twins I am responsible for keeping the opposing team at bay when on the pitchers mound while at the same time keeping my composure and representing the Minnesota Twins.

COMPUTER SKILLS Skilled in Microsoft software such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Works , Microsoft Money , Microsoft Power-point, Microsoft Excel.

OBJECTIVE I am looking forward to being able to work in the Federal Probations Department and building on what I have already learned in my educational endeavors.

ORGANIZATIONS, ACTIVITIES, AND HONORS Drafted by the Minnesota Twins 2001-2002 Fifth Round Pick University of Georgia Baseball 2000-2001 Most Valuable Player University of Tennessee Baseball 1997-2000 Academic Honor Roll Special Olympics Volunteer 1996-1998 Southeast Kentucky D.A.R.E. Role Model 1996-1997