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Jazz concert

On Friday April 30 at 8 pm, I attended the Spring Instrumental jazz concert at Yuba College. This was the first time I have been in the school auditorium. There was a count off and the music began with nearly a full house. The first song played was "Won't you be my neighbor" from Mister Rogers' neighborhood by Fred Rogers and Mike Tomato. I liked the intro it started with Ron Hake tapping on the symbols then the trumpets, and trombones cut in and the music begins. This song made me remember about the famous television show: Mister Rogers, which I sometimes watched as a child. There where two solos performed during this song, trombone and the saxophone. I liked the drumbeat through out this song because it was snappy and made you tap your foot. The bass notes and guitar riffs just sang together brilliantly.

All the musicians were wearing black suits and dresses.

There were two people dressed in there military uniforms. All looked very professional. They come from all over and are a very unique and diverse jazz band. The band really gave me the impression that they were comfortable and relaxed after the first song was over. It just had that kind of atmosphere.

The second song was called " The Blues Cruise", by Jim Cifelli. This song starts with the Brent Garbett playing the piano, Eric Peters on guitar, David Bole on bass, and Ron Hake on drums. The trombones were very in sync together and sharp. The trumpets were also very well heard. Both the trumpets and trombones just flowed very at full volume together. There were three solos. First one from the alto sax, next I believe John Proctor played an amazing piece with his trumpet, hitting all the right...