"Joey's Morning"

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It was around 4:30 am on Bergenline Avenue. The starlit sky slowly dissolved as a radiant fireball rose. The streets were desolate, only a handful of vehicles rolled down the street in silence. All was quiet, children rested their expanding minds, mothers held their newborns close, but then a siren rose…louder…louder…louder. A young boy by the name of Joey Watson awoke and peered out his window to see what all of the commotion was about. He saw a man sleeping in his car and a graying police officer sitting behind the man in his black and white cruiser. The officer was talking on his radio. Then the officer slowly emerged from his vehicle. Joey noticed something strange, the windshield of the sleeper contained a pebble-sized hole on the driver's side. The officer reached the sleeper's car and turned away in disgust. Joey was curious as to why the officer turned away.

Just as that thought of curiosity crossed his mind the officer strolled back to the cruiser. He began talking on the radio again. He sat there for about ten minutes, constantly gazing into his crooked rear-view mirror. Why was he waiting? Asked Joey. Then a black Hearst labeled "coroner" on the side stopped on the opposite side of the street. A lovely blonde woman seemed to escape from the hideous vehicle she walked elegantly towards the cruiser and talked to the officer for a moment and returned to her vehicle to extract a table from the back. She rolled the table to the sleeper's door. The door opened and the sleeper fell onto the concrete pavement. Joey now understood that the sleeper was dead. The woman carried the man with the help of the officer and placed him on the table. The officer walked solemnly back to the...