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Diary Entry

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Date 7th March

Barramah Downs, Barramah North-east New South Wales

Weather: hot and cloudy

So far this trip has been mostly character building. Ralphy's keeping to himself but he's okay, trying his hardest to do a good job. Hopefully Johnny can see how hard we are trying.

Kate Hart has got two other sisters Eliza and Lauren. I don't think she's as loaded as she said she was. Most of her stuff is probably inherited from her grandpa.

I understand Dell Hart better now, after Indi Emma Jane died everything around me changed especially school, I didn't want to go.

So, tomorrow we begin to make a piece of history travelling the wide open


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9th March

Billowbrook. 20km from Barramah. North -east NSW

Weather: hot, saw one cloud

We drove into a small town called Billowbrook today. I managed to post a few letters I wrote.

What was weird though was that every kid in the town lined up against the wire fence and started yelling at me.

They told us everyone in the district knew about us. The people were happy with us making a stand for the common man, so they had the kids do class projects on us.

The kids all told us about their own projects and also asked a whole bunch of questions that was great.

Mike Disney reckoned it was a good idea if the news station heard that we were in town, so I told that I was all for it.

Johnny on the other hand thought differently saying that there was no point but after a while I convinced him.

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10th March

Candilla Creek. 32 km South Barramah Down. NE NSW

Weather: dry and warm

If life is already weird, than death must...