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People say that only love makes a house a home. I think that much more of us have just house. In those days, when everyone is busy, it's very difficult to find some time for the family.

A couple of years ago it was much different - people were more interested in the problems of the members of their families, they were spending more time with them and made a good atmosphear in their houses. We can admit that then it wasn't only a house but also a home.

In our days there are also some families which have much love like those, but unfortunetely it's not as often as some years ago. I think that it's because of our different and more intensive life style.

In my view it's very important to have a home where you can always come back, your mum or kids wait for you and you can find persons you needed and dreamed for.

Even if we think about our career we have to remember the fact we are talking about, because even

if now we have a home and we don't cure it well, our love in it can be lost. Then we will be very lonely, unloved and unhappy.