The Joy and Pains of Dog Ownership.

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The Joy and Pains of Dog Ownership

This essay will document the joy and love of dog ownership. Pets can be a great addition to your family. I have two beautiful American Pit Bull Terriers (Honey and Spot) and they are the joy of my life. When you ask the question should I get a dog? there are important things to consider before making the decision.

The purchase price of a dog can vary greatly. It can range from free (from a friends litter), to very inexpensive ($25-$50 for most shelters), to average ($400 to $800 is typical for a pet puppy from a breeder for most breeds), to expensive ($1000 & up for most show dogs, some rare breeds, and breeds with whelping difficulties). If you are purchasing a dog from a breeder who is not local, you will also need to plan for the cost of transporting your dog to you.

Airfare for a small dog ranges from $75 to $150, large dogs can run much higher.

Once you get your new dog home, it's off to the vets. Plan on spending about $50 to $100 for an initial check up, vaccinations, and heart-worm preventative. At the very minimum you will need to plan on spending this much each year, more for breeds needing regular teeth cleaning. In most cases, you will also be responsible for the cost of having the dog spayed or neutered. Another potential expense is ear cropping on certain breeds. Then there are the unexpected costs of ear infections and skin allergies, etc.

Next comes the food. You can figure roughly upon weekly costs of about five dollars for a small dog, ten dollars for a medium dog, and fifteen dollars for a large dog for a mixture of dry and canned food and...