The Jury System

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The Jury System It is true that some people feel that the American jury system is flawed. But I have to disagree with them. But I would like to discuss both sides of the argument before making a final decision. One had to admit, that without the jury system we have today, the kid in the story, The Twelve Angry Men, never would have stood a chance. In that way the jury system is a very good thing. Many innocent people would be convicted guilty, without even debating the trial. It is the same way in the story. If a person did not have the right to a fail trial by jury, the boy would have no doubt been convicted of the charges. The jury is there to discuss and debate the guilt or innocence of a person. I believe that this jury depicted in the story is how more jurys should act.

They discussed, went over all the evidence, and in the end no personal grudges or prejudices altered the decision. It gives each and every person a fair trial, and that is what they deserve.

However, at the same time, one has to realize that there are also downfalls to the type of jury depicted in this play. What if the boy really was guilty? Then he was set free because too many people were trying to pick a part testimonies and look for ways to cause a reasonable doubt. You can't always judge a book by it's cover, but sometimes you can. This type of jury can debate too much, and cause people to get irritated. They will vote either way just to get themselves out of the courtroom. You want the person to vote how he sincerely feels, not because he is tired of being...