Just a poem I wrote.

Essay by stansz October 2005

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Abyss of Despair.

Every rose that blooms will

It wither away another day

Like the sting of a single thorn

Causing pains in which we mourn

Do not build a bench in my honor,

nor climb a mountain in my name.

When I depart remember,

It is not you, that should be blamed.

The only needs or wants

will be fulfilled in my dreams.

Lost within this waking life,

A golden key to unlock this cage

between me and the frigid world,

I keep it closed.

Bleeding from

eons of struggles

My emotions inside

Collapse like an avalanche

I have to shield my face,

from the world I shun.

I must regain control,

to discipline my thoughts.

I lie inert.

A heart of ice.

I ponder on my solitude.

I close my eyes to release

The dreams that can