Juvenile Crime

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JuvenileCrime The problem of increasing juvenile crime in this time is kids using guns to shoot other kids. It is growing more and more. If we look back to the past, kids did not use guns when fighting because they didn't know how to use them. Kids fought by using their fists. However, kids today use guns when they want to solve their problem. For example, two students at Columbine High School used guns and bombs because they wanted to get even with their friends, who had made them angry. They did not try to deal with their problem. It is awful when they try to solve a problem by using guns. Kids have problems, but they don't know how to deal with them. Moreover, they don't have someone to talk to and give them ideas about how to prevent their problems. However, some kids use guns because they want to act like actors in the movies.

In conclusion, juvenile crime has been growing more and more. We have to think about how we can stop this problem and how we can protect our kids from crime.

One solution to the problem about kids using guns is a religious program in the schools, if the law will allow it. Kids can learn how to be good people who have values for society. This program should talk about a contrast between good and bad.

I believe that every religion teaches people to be good citizens. For example, when I studied at school in my country, I had to go to the temple and learned about religion.

My religion teaches that killing living things is a sin. When we know that killing living things is bad, we avoid doing it. I think a religious program can help kids have a good heart,