Kava Project 3 Scenario based decision making

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Carol CheaUniversity of PhoenixMGT/350Janisse L. GreenMay 6, 2008Decisions in Paradise 3PlanThe preceding two papers identified the problems encountered on Kava and the possible barriers to establishing a formidable presence on the island. Kava has been devastated by many disasters, yet all is not lost. Numerous opportunities for innovative companies to excel and to help in rebuilding and restoring Kava abound. The island has enough natural resources to maintain itself and with resumption of the tourist industry, Paradise can indeed once again shine. A solid business plan which is embedded in an ethical approach is what is necessary for this transformation to transpire. As outlined before, the 'trick' is to balance the economic with the socio-humanistic aspect. As a part of SeyChe's motto of continuous improvement, examination and re-examination will enable modifications on an ongoing basis. This business plan will outline the steps to be taken in the implantation process.

A needs analysis has already been performed, a SWOT analysis completed and the PLUS decision making model adopted.

SeyChe has amassed the necessary resources including capital, permits and licenses. Government regulations, international trade agreements and treaties have been thoroughly researched. The human resources have also been obtained. Business development specialists, and an international business consultant who specializes in creating strategic alliances and partnerships between governments in emerging countries and the United States, in addition to U.S. based minority-owned businesses, have been contracted for advisement throughout the implementation process. Arrangements have been made with an international concrete company to import massive amounts of concrete necessary for any rebuilding effort. It has been determined that the one port which is in existence is in ill-repair and not able to support the amount of goods that need to be imported.

The first step is a massive clean up effort. This clean up entails not...